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Most Popular Seed For Seed Eating Wild Birds!
We Offer...
"Triple-Cleaned" SUNFLOWER SEED!
Triple-Cleaned For Purity!

Wild Birds
We offer various Straatmann Feed bird seed mixes to accommodate our customers and their desire to attract specific wild bird varieties.  We also carry a variety of different seeds and products to bring wild birds into your yard.  With our help you can enjoy backyard birds year round. 

Game Birds
We carry a line of feed from Purina to feed your game birds through all life stages; from the Game Bird Starter ration, to Flight Conditioner, to Game Bird Maintenance, to the Breeder/Layer formula.  To check out the particulars about this line of feed, please check out Purina Mills at http://wildlife.purinamills.com.

Straatmann’s carries various formulas to feed your pond fish and aquatic wildlife.  Whether you’re looking for a sinking or floating food, or a product for a specific variety, we can help. Check out http://aquamax.purinamills.com to find out about aquatic feeds at Straatmann Feed.    

At Straatmann Feed we share the love of wildlife that so many of our customers do.  We carry various products to help our customers attract and feed deer though the year.  From shelled corn to pelleted feeds and mixes, Straatmann’s is the place to find your feed products.  Check out some of the feeds that we can offer at Straatmann Feed at http://wildlife.purinamills.com.

We have numerous options available at the store, in addition to the products discussed, so come in to see us, and let us help you feed the wildlife you enjoy!

We also have:

  • Crimped Oats with Soy Oil
  • Crimped Oats with Molasses
  • Whole Oats
  • Cracked Corn
  • Shelled Corn
  • Ground Corn

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