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From the Beginning, Livestock Has Been a Major Focus

All the products you will need for healthy animalsLivestock is one of the cornerstones of our operation at Straatmann Feed. We stock products that customers need to run a profitable livestock business. In addition to traditional feed rations, we carry full array of items for your day to day livestock needs. Some of these products include pour-on and injectable wormers, multiple kinds of vaccinations, cattle rubs, mineral, protein tubs, and numerous other products that make running a livestock operation easier and more profitable.

To make sure your young livestock stays healthy, we have electrolytes, scour pills and probiotics. We also carry Pro-Bios, Corid, and mineral oil. We carry insecticide tags and both the Allflex Tagging System and the Z-No-Snag-Tag system. In addition, we carry the Z marker and super knife ear tag remover. Other miscellaneous items for your herd health include castration banding systems, OB handles and chains, and several sizes of bolus guns.

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