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Delivery & Services

We deliver to our customers to make their lives easier.
We are happy to make bagged feed deliveries to our customers. Whether you only need a couple different things, or an entire load of products; we can bring you a wide variety of the brands, products, and different items that we offer at our store. We make regular deliveries to the surrounding areas and the St. Louis area. Our delivery schedule often allows us to pair different customers’ deliveries, which allows the customers to share part of the cost of the delivery fee. In addition to strictly bagged feed deliveries, we will also deliver shavings, hay, and any of the products that we carry at our facility.

Our bulk delivery customers are an extremely important part of our business. We take the timeliness and quality of our bulk deliveries very seriously. We work to ensure that our customers that need bulk feed mixes are taken care of to the best of our ability, and that we leave the customers property in the same, or better, condition as when we came. We deliver bulk feed to the surrounding areas and the St. Louis area.

**For delivery fees, please call and talk to us about your specific needs.

In addition to our delivery services, we offer other services that help our customers take better care of their pets and livestock.  Not sure exactly what the nutrient analysis of your custom mix is?… Get a new load of hay and aren’t sure if you need to alter your feeding program?... You can bring in a sample of your hay or grain to be analyzed and we’ll send it to be professionally analyzed by a nutrition lab.  In addition to the actual analysis, and possibly more important, we can help you understand the results of your analysis and what steps you should take as a result of the analysis.  If you are interested in getting a grain or hay analysis please call us for particulars.

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